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reason1The design of ALUTECH/GÜNTHER industrial
doors has been thought out to the last detail.
All door elements are designed for intensive
use and openings of large sizes.
The steel sandwich panel, filled with high
density polyurethane, provides the door leaf
with rigidity and high resistance to shock
and wind loads.
ALUTECH/GÜNTHER doors in the ProPlus
Series withstand a 700 Pa wind load, which
corresponds to a wind speed of 120 km/h.




reason2The doors in the ProPlus Series utilise
components with high anti-corrosion
properties prolonging the life of the doors:
• roller brackets and intermediate hinges
made of stainless steel;
• painted side caps and torsion springs;
• sandwich panels with a polyurethane
coating modified with polyamide particles
Tests have confirmed that the door leaf can
withstand 15 years of service in coastal
areas without corrosion.




reason3Thanks to their high insulation qualities
ALUTECH/GÜNTHER doors provide a
comfortable temperature in buildings used
for logistic operations and the storage of
The thermal transmittance coefficient for
• ProTrend Series (panel is 40 mm) –
1.15 W/(m2 К)*;
• ProPlus Series (panel is 45 mm) –
1.01 W/(m2К)*.
Thermal insulation U=1,0 W/(m2K) is comparable
with a brick wall of 60 cm thickness.



reason4The ALUTECH Group of Companies ensures
safe operation of their industrial doors.
The design of their sectional doors provides
protection against:
• finger trapping;
• hooking and cutting;
• uncontrollable movement (descent) of the
door leaf;
• the door leaf falling in the case of spring or
cable breakage.
The doors comply with European safety
standards EN 12604, EN 12453, EN 12424,
EN 12425, EN 12426.



reason5Such a wide range of industrial doors, allows
you to choose the best solution for any facility
taking into account all customer requirements:
• thanks to the high thermal insulation of
doors made from sandwich panels they are
operated successfully in Finland, Norway,
Denmark, Sweden and other contries of the
Far North.
• elegant aluminium doors take into account
all the trends in the modern architecture of
industrial buildings.





reason610 types of mounting allow you to install
industrial doors in buildings with different
types of opening construction: with a low
headroom, high ceilings or a sloped roof.
Various types of door leaf balancing and
reinforced door construction allow you to
install doors in openings of large sizes –
up to 8,000 mm × 7,000 mm.
All the doors are made individually for
a specific opening size in increments in
height and width of 5 mm.








Safe and practical doors made from sandwich panels of 40 mm thickness and fittings made of galvanised steel. ProTrend doors are doors at attractive prices which are specially designed for intensive use in industrial facilities. The doors ensure safe operation: balancing systems are included in a standard set at no extra cost. Springs with a resource life of 25,000 open/close cycles and robust construction designed for long-term operation. ProTrend Series doors are a guarantee of safety and reasonable economy. Panoramic doors from the AluTrend Series are made from aluminium sections of 40 mm thickness helping to create original facade compositions and save on budget.


• The thickness of a sandwich panel is 40 mm
• The thermal transmittance coefficient is 1.15 W/(m2 К)
• Roller brackets and intermediate hinges are made from galvanised steel
• Compliance with European safety standards
• The resource life of springs is 25,000 open/close cycles
• The maximum size is 7,000 mm × 6,000 mm


Highly insulated, robust and reliable doors made from sandwich panels of 45 mm thickness ensure excellent thermal insulation of the building. ProPlus Series doors are successfully operated in countries with cold climate: Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and others. Intermediate hinges and rolling brackets made from stainless steel are highly resistant to corrosion, which makes it possible to install and operate these doors in areas of high humidity – in car washes, in coastal and polluted industrial areas. ProPlus signifies high quality and functionality. There are 3 series of panoramic doors: classical AluPro and AluTherm with improved thermal insulation, and light and graceful AluLine.


• The thickness of a sandwich panel is 45 mm
• The thermal transmittance coefficient is 1.01 W/(m2К)
• Roller brackets and intermediate hinges are made from galvanised steel
• Compliance with European safety standards
• The resource life of springs is 25,000 open/close cycles
• The maximum size is 8,000 mm × 7,000 mm



AluTrend Series Panoramic doors are made from aluminium profiles of 40 mm thickness with galvanised steel fittings at affordable prices. A wide range of sizes and various colours are undisputable advantages of the AluTrend Series


The use of advanced technology and years of experience in production have allowed us to create doors with a number of undisputable advantages. Carefully thought out design and high quality components provide attractive design, reliable and safe operation of ProTrend Series doors for many years.


Doors in the ProPlus Series are the ideal solution for energy-efficient buildings or premises with high humidity. With all the advantages of the ProTrend Series, the doors in the ProPlus Series extend the  capabilities of their use due to improved heat insulation, high strength and high corrosion resistance.


Angle bars have concealed mounting: they are mounted behind the opening and not in contact with the outside conditions, so do not transmit cold into the premises. Due to the absence of freezing elements ProTrend Series doors have high thermal insulation.



The 45 mm thick panel is a pledge of excellent thermal insulation. The thermal transmittance coefficient of the ProPlus Series doors is 0,94 W/(m2 К),which is comparable to the insulation qualities of a brick wall of 65 cm thickness. These doors retain heat and are ideal for use in premises with stringent requirements for temperature.



Adjustable roller brackets allow the installer to achieve close proximity of the door leaf to the opening, eliminating draughts and providing additional thermal insulation of the premises and/or building.



Sealing inserts made of an elastic and frost-resistant material – EPDM are used around the perimeter of the doors for opening sealing. The bottom multi- chamber seal prevents the penetration of rain, snow and dust into the premises. The stoppers protect the bottom seal from excessive compression and protect optical sensors from damage.



The resource life of springs is designed for 25,000 open/close cycles, which corresponds to 17 years of daily opening and closing 4 times. Springs with 100,000 open/close cycles can be installed in cases of extensive door use.



Roller brackets and intermediate hinges are made of stainless steel and have high anti-corrosion properties. Due to the multi-layer panel coating and painted side caps the ALUTECH/GÜNTHER door leaf withstands 750 hours of “salt fog”, which corresponds to 15 years of use in coastal areas and polluted industrial areas.



The standard set of components for industrial doors includes a device that blocks the door leaf in the event of a spring breaking preventing it from falling. The use of special brackets prevents lowering or falling the door leaf in the event of a cable breaking.



Intermediate hinges of a special form, “folded sheet” have high strength characteristics providing a reliable connection of the door sections. Tests have shown that the intermediate hinges can withstand a tensile load equal to 7,000 N or 715 kg. The possibility of hinges sagging and warping has been eradicated.



The adjustable connecting coupler allows turning the parts of the shaft relative to each other ensuring uniform tension of the cables, which is very convenient installation feature.



The large thickness of sandwich panels – is the basis of the strength and stability of the doors to shock and wind loads. Wind resistance is rated as Class 4 under EN12424 – meaning the doors can withstand wind speeds of 120 km/h, which is validated by tests conducted at the Rosenheim Institute.



Robust and durable rivset joints are used on the track system. These joints do not damage the anti-corrosion galvanised coating of the tracks. The absence of protrusions provides smooth running of the rollers.



When the width of the opening is more than 5 metres, the doors are equipped with duplex roller brackets and special profiles providing the door leaf with extra rigidity. This upgraded equipment is supplied at no extra cost and it enables reliable operation of maximum weight doors for many years in heavy operational conditions.


Color and DESIGN

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